Case Stories

Case Story 1

Real Estate Project

Case Story 1

As a consulting firm we come across different scenarios with clients that require us to analyse their concerns and help them with improvements.

Here we discuss the story of an investment firm, holding firm or similar that has invested in a real estate project that is a symbol of what they stand for with pride.

The only issue is that the master development of which their project is a small part did not materialize into a development similar to for e.g. Canary Wharf. Hence certain issues arise to which solutions are sought.

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Case Story 2

Transport Company

Investment & Expansion

Case Story 2

Passenger transportation plays a pivotal role in the funcionality of any village, city, state or nation.

With Dubai (UAE) a tourist hub awaiting The World Expo 2020, opportunities are ripe for the picking.

A passenger transport company was set up and got caught in limbo. How to address the situation and help it grow.

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Case Story 2

Business Services Centre

Case Story 3

Whether it be New York, London, Toronto or Dubai, an ideal method to keep costs low and yet be scalable to growth is to have your new or old business set up in a Business Centre.

With rent only being paid for the square feet or seats you occupy and the additional services fees of reception services and other services built into the monthly payments you sure to already be in a productive position.

But what if the Business Centre itself has issues with its location, accessibility and parking?

Both the Business Centre and its clients need to find solutions.

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