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About us

About Us

Providence Group is a group of leading Consulting & Corporate Services firm, delivering International Business Solutions and a wide range of comprehensive corporate services assisting companies and entrepreneurs establish and expand their business seamlessly across international borders.

Our team of expert Advisors, Accountants, Lawyers and Financial Analysts enable clients across the globe to enhance their enterprise value and operate their business structures, finance vehicles and investment in various geographical locations with a peace of mind.

Our partnership network and its highly efficient delivery platform allows us to share knowledge and expertise efficiently also to manage workflow across all our offices. This ensures synchronization of all project collaboration tools, consistency of companywide processes and their transparency, hence allowing us to deliver the clients comprehensive end-to-end services with speed and accuracy from all our offices.

Our client base includes private and listed companies, real estate, insurance, retail, technology and automotive organizations, both in multiple and single –country entities. Most of our networks business is derived from word of mouth referrals. This alone sets us apart from our competitors. This is supported with conventional marketing tools as well as digital marketing tools.

Our teams & partnership network enjoy unique relationships with numerous government and intra-governmental organizations, leading financial institutions, corporations and mid size businesses.

Evolution of Providence Group

My Place of Learning (Pakistan) came about in 2010

Providence Consultancy (Management, Marketing & HR - Pakistan & U.A.E) came about in 2011

Providence (Digital Marketing Solutions - Pakistan) came about in 2012

EMISSARIO (Fashion - Pakistan) came about in 2013

EMISSARIO Corporate Services Provider (Dubai, U.A.E)) came about in 2017