Case Stories

Case Story 3

When settig up a new business venture the lower the set up cost and cost of doing business the quicker Returns on Investment can be realized and further investment can be made for enhancing customer base and expansion.

A business services centre had been established and was operating since a few years. The easy set up solution option for any new trade license that is set up. A ready to use office complete with furniture, IT services, office management and secretarial services.

The high floor offices overlooking a great expanse of the city evolving below was supportive to the tenant needs. The few tenants that chose to be there. The Question that the Business Services Centre raised with us was about the need for understanding what the issue were that were affecting their customer base from growing. They were also conducting marketing and branding activities and wanted to evaluate and make changes of required.

The business services client was advised. The location of the office tower was in an area which did not have the best of accessibility from public transport and the availability of parking for visitor vehicles, the hassles of having building management regulating access beyond the entrance via electronic passes being issued and for the visitor to be accompanied by the tenants every time a visitor came was not conducive nor was it encouraging for clients to choose to be located at this business centre or office tower Essentially the two options were tricky. One to relocate, to design and setup the new business centre, re-market and re-brand. Second to continue with the current location and re develop their marketing and branding.

The client chose to continue at the existing location and adopted the changes that were needed to their marketing and branding. .

Their website was redeveloped, fine tuning of their search engine optimization, online marketing and branding using various social media platforms. Graphics and marketing collateral for online and conventional marketing and branding was undertaken

The quarterly results show the efforts making a strong difference with the increased level of iquiries and conversions

Pros: Plenty of space of multiple players in the market if business is run fairly.

Cons: The desire of people to find non advisable options for generating business.