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Passenger Transport Company Expansion.

Case Stories

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Passenger transportation plays a pivotal role in the funcionality of any village, city, state or nation.

In an open free market in our present day globalized economy in city infrastructures rising out of the sand competitiveness leads to provision of a variety of options. With an increasing population from around the world and development of well thought out new custom designed infrastructure space gets created for more players in any type of business.

With Dubai (UAE) a tourist hub in the Gulf Cooperative Council preparing for the upcoming an much awaited World Expo 2020, development of fresh new infrastructure is taking shape with an addition of thousands of new rooms in hotels, apartments and villas as well as warehouses and office buildings.

The demand for any type of business or trade license is now being sought e.g. Dry Cleaners, Cafe's, Restaraunts, Rent a Car service as well as Passenger Transport Services.

With an increase in interest in investing in business, in Expo 2020 and in the United Arab Emirates we have worked with different clients for this.

A passenger transport company in the GCC that had been established for a while but had not quite been able to penetrate the market and develop its business and clientele.

The passenger transport company wanted to break out of limbo and grow.

The passenger transport company was advised to seek out investors using personal networking, corporate links and public advertisements using newspapers and Social Media. To work out the investment and management of the new company structure. Additionaly consultancy was provided to the client on marketing plans, marketing campaigns and activities using conventional marketing and digital marketing using Social Media platforms, Search Engine Optimization, Bloggers and digital influencers. Development of company website, integration of Social Media Platforms on the website.

The Dubai based Client was able to secure investment from outside UAE and therefore was able to secure proper office spaces, new passenger vans, as well as was able to hire staff e.g. drivers, cleaners, office admin, sales and HR.

The above Marketing realted activities was outsourced to Providence (Pak) for the provision of all the above digital marketing activities

Branding of vehicles with Wraps could have added and attractive look to capture the attention of all passers by, however due to certain dynamics of attracting unnessary attention disuaded the need for this form of marketing

Pros: Plenty of space of multiple players in the market if business is run fairly.

Cons: The desire of people to find non advisable options for generating additional business and the limitation of only being able to operate within a city states border and therefore not be able to pick up on inter state business.